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Volkswagen's iconic microbus makes electric comeback in the US

2023年6月5日 17:54

Volkswagen announced the return of its iconic microbus to the American market. The modern, electric version of this iconic vehicle is named the ID. Buzz. The ID. Buzz will be available in two variants: Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and All-Wheel Drive (AWD). — Read the rest

Marjorie Taylor Greene says her vote to throw U.S. into catastrophic recession was "biblical" (video)

2023年6月5日 17:14

Christian nationalist Marjorie Taylor Greene blames the bible for her vote to catastrophically crash the U.S. (and global) economy rather than vote to suspend the debt ceiling.

"Biblically, you are supposed to be responsible," Georgia's stable genius said, not seeming to grasp the full meaning of the term "responsible." — Read the rest

Video unveils ancient giants: massive beavers and towering penguin predecessors compared to today's tinier versions

2023年6月5日 17:04

WTD, a YouTube channel known for its 3D data comparisons, recently released a new video that compares extinct animals with their modern relatives (with a human in between each pair).

The video kicks off with the Nuralagus, an extinct rabbitlike creature that was 35 inches long. — Read the rest

Post-disco legend Grace Jones, 75, masterfully hula-hoops for entire song at Pride event

2023年6月5日 16:31

On Saturday, the great post-disco queen Grace Jones, now 75-years-old, performed at the Los Angeles Outloud @ WeHo Pride festival. She uplifted the crowd with her classic "Slave to the Rhythm" while hula-hooping the entire song. Meanwhile, Jones's BFF Brigitte Nielsen was spotted in the VIP section grooving appropriately. — Read the rest

High-flying LA attorneys' toxic emails revealed

2023年6月5日 15:40

High-powered attorneys John Barber (55) and Jeff Ranen (45) who started their own law firm earlier this year, routinely sent each other vile emails while they were senior partners at the Los Angeles law firm Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith.

When Barber and Ranen left Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith to form their own firm earlier this year, Ranen told the Los Angeles Business Journal, "We wanted to lead with empathy, collaboration and compassion, to do it our way and not have any baggage," and to "build something that's reflective of our values and our beliefs." — Read the rest

Florida man disguised himself as cardboard box to rob phone store (video)

2023年6月5日 15:23

A Florida man disguised himself as a cardboard box to rob a mobile phone repair store in Miami Gardens on Saturday. He absconded with 19 iPhones and $8,000 in cash. At one point though, the fellow moved his box enough to reveal his face which proved to be a grave mistake. — Read the rest

How to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies while being spied on by the government

作者 Thom Dunn
2023年6月5日 15:02

Comedian Joe Brogie shared this delightful Instagram Reel, marrying two popular social media trends: tasty baking recipes, and unhinged conspiracy theories! What a delicious, gooey, paranoid chocolatey treat!

Remember: that tinfoil hat can also be used a heat deflector to keep your cookies nice and moist. — Read the rest


Get a wireless charging station for less than $50 this Father's Day

2023年6月5日 15:00

We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor does it necessarily reflect its views.

TL;DR: Give your dad a gift he can actually this Father's Day when you get him the ChargeUp 6-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Watch Charger, a device that will power up basically any mobile device — and can even charge six at once. — Read the rest

Twitter tanks with U.S. ad sales dropping 59% since April

2023年6月5日 14:35

In April, a delusional Elon Musk said "almost all advertisers have come back" to Twitter. Cut to two months later, and Twitter showed that its U.S. ad sales from April 1—early May plunged, down 59% from the same time last year, reports The New York Times. — Read the rest

Boebert now admits she skipped the debt ceiling vote out of spite

2023年6月5日 14:31

After railing about how evil the deal was and that she must stop it, Colorado congressperson Lauren Boebert claimed to have missed the debt ceiling vote by moments. Last week we were told she was rushing to the floor of Congress to do her duty, but the congressperson was just seconds too late — this was NOT to be seen as Boebert skipping out on the vote so as to make things easier on pseudo-Speaker McCarthy without her casting a no-vote. — Read the rest

Paternity test proves "Sweet" Stan Lane is not Lauren Boebert's father

2023年6月5日 14:05

Congratulations to retired pro-wrestler Stan Lane on not being the father of Lauren Boebert! Boebert and her mother have long accused Lane of being BoeBo's dad, regardless of a previous paternity test proving he was not. Due to years of continued dispute, Lane once again took a paternity test and was proven innocent of participating in the dumbing down of America. — Read the rest

How to Financially Prepare for Your Parents or In-Laws to Move In

作者 Jeff Somers
2023年6月5日 18:00

Life can take some unexpected turns. Most of us imagine a specific trajectory to our lives: You grow up, move out, get a job, and live independently from that point forward. Reality often turns out a bit different, and we have to get creative about our finances and our living situation. When we hear the phrases…


Wake up With Cold Brew Overnight Oats

2023年6月5日 17:30

I am always looking for ways to make oatmeal more interesting, and I’ve got another strong lead. I’m a big fan of boiling oats in strong tea or bulking them up with a steaming bounty of sausage and pickles, but the colder, lazier overnight oats need a little love too. Use yesterday’s coffee or cold brew to put a…


These JBL Wireless Earbuds are 60% Off Right Now

2023年6月5日 17:00

If you’re still shopping for the right gift for your dad for Father’s Day (or for yourself for no particular reason), these JBL Live Free NC+ headphones are on sale now through June 11 for $59.97. They’re wireless and they have active noise-canceling for up to 21 hours of listening time.


How to Grow a Permaculture Food Forest in Your Yard (and Why You Should)

作者 Becca Lewis
2023年6月5日 16:30

Modern gardening often involves weeding, turning the soil, fertilization, and pest control. But permaculture is the practice of growing a garden with the least amount of intervention possible, relying on companion planting, native insects, and adding cover crops to control weeds. In a permaculture food forest, fruit…


Multitasking Is Making You Worse at Everything

作者 Jeff Somers
2023年6月5日 16:00

On the surface, the concept of multitasking sounds dynamic and kind of cool—the word originated in the 1960s computer boom, after all, and retains its connotations of hyper-competency and over-achievement. We’re all obviously capable of handling multiple tasks at once, and we have limited time in our busy lives, so…